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postheadericon ABOUT US

What is Office Active all about?

We are a dedicated service provider to Office Supply companies (Our members), providing our members with marketing solutions at an affordable cost and giving a return on the monthly investment, allowing our members to grow their businesses beyond the industry average.

Remember it's your business!

We provide you with the leading tools to increase your profitability and increase sales within your business, however you  decide how best to utilise and apply these tools in your business.

We are always here to help and assist your business, but never to dictate how to run your business.

Our Mission

To provide and further develop industry leading marketing tools and initiatives to our independent office supply members, at the best price possible offering a return on members investments. All members need access to the resources within the group to accelerate their sustainability and profitable growth into the future.

Why join Office Active?

In less than 3 years Office Active has established itself as a leading dealer group within Southern Africa. Office Active is well respected by the industry suppliers and suppliers see great value for money and opportunities to work with the Office  Active team and their member dealers.

Our fundamental policy remains that all our members retain full control of their independent status. Office Active is here to assist your business to build its own identity and personality,  that differentiates your business from the national suppliers , as well as the competition within your area.

Our message always remains to our dealers - " ITS YOUR BUSINESS". We are here to assist you with marketing tools that you can apply to your business  so that it may grow and remain profitable.

To learn more about Office Active give us a call for a confidential discussion as to the benefits we can offer your business under no obligation whatsoever.

We can explain all the benefits of becoming a member of Southern Africa's premier dealer group.